Electro Permanent Milling Magnet for 5-axis Machining Center

Milling Magnets

Milling Magnets
Electro Permanent Milling Magnet for 5-axis Machining Center
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● Suitable for medium-sized workpiece and rough workpiece milling in 5-axis Machining Center, small workpiece drilling and Fine trimming.
● Workpiece thickness should be more than 10 mm, the workpiece clamping contact to at least four magnetic pole surface.
● More types of the workpiece clamping can be done with the magnetic soft pawl and sliding block. Such as: five-sides machining, drilling, tapping, milling ditch, etc; irregular and surface bending workpiece also can be clamped.
● Electro permanent magnetic chuck can be widely used in a variety of engraving machine tools, CNC machine tools and traditional machine tools to clamp the workpiece. The chuck also can be used in workholding of surface grader, drilling machine, planer, boring machine and other machine tools. In addition, the 5-axis Machining Center and the FMS system is also available.
Basic parameters:
Dimension: 480mm * 570mm * 68mm
Operating voltage: AC 380V, 
Working instantaneous current: 6A
(de)magnetization time: 2 seconds
Holding force: 16kg / cm2
Weight: about 212 kg
Parallelism: 0.01mm
Pole numbers: 84
Working temperature: less than 50 ℃

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