Giant Electropermanent Magnetic Table for Milling Machine DYZ 50 - 60100

Milling Magnets

Milling Magnets
Giant Electropermanent Magnetic Table for Milling Machine DYZ 50 - 60100
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Electropermanent magnetic table is for milling machine which adopts the latest rare earth permanent magnet materials, and apply the modern magnetic circuit design. Use electrical power pulse to control the generation and disappearance of magnetic force. Electro permanent magnetic chuck is become permanent magnet when the instant power on. Can clamp workpiece for positioning machining without power, It is made by workholding magents.
● The magnetic table is easy to operate like "electromagnetic plate", and has the safe high-precision same to "permanent magnetic chuck". It is the ideal clamping tool for high precision surface grinding machine, CNC, milling machine and so on. The holding force can reach 160N / cm2.
● Electro permanent magnetic table magnetize/demagnetize in 2 seconds, No need of continuous power supply in use, can be worked for a long time, the workpiece accuracy won’t be affected by the deformation due to temperature rise.
Use and scope of application:
● Suitable for medium-sized workpiece and rough workpiece milling, small workpiece drilling and Fine trimming.
● Workpiece thickness should be more than 10 mm, the workpiece clamping contact to at least four magnetic pole surface.
● More types of the workpiece clamping can be done with the magnetic soft pawl and sliding block. Such as: five-sides machining, drilling, tapping, milling ditch, etc; irregular and surface bending workpiece also can be clamped.


Basic parameters
Dimension: 600mm * 990mm * 68mm
Operating voltage: AC 380V, 
Working instantaneous current: 6A
(de)magnetization time: 2 seconds
Holding force: 16kg / cm2
Weight: about 301kg
Parallelism: 0.01mm
Pole numbers: 126
Working temperature: less than 50 ℃
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