Copper Bar Strong Permanent Magnetic Table for Milling

Milling Magnets

Milling Magnets
Copper Bar Strong Permanent Magnetic Table for Milling
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Strong models (SX series) is the magnetic table for milling machine and CNC clamping system, Holding force reaches to 14-15 kg/cm2. Pole pitch 12+4 mm.The units distributes intensively, powerful strength of magnetic fields. It can release the internal stress of workpiece in machining, get the high precision product. It is suitable for machining high precision workpiece, sheet workpiece and mould.The super strong magnetic holding force is from the combination of square or strip magnetic units. 

- Distinctive design of magnetic circuit produces super strong and even attraction; high-performance quality magnetic steel holds attraction for long time stability.
- Strong attraction come from parallel poles combination, dense distribution of magnetic poles emerges intensive magnetic field. It releases the inner stress of workpieces to improve precision in processing simultaneously.
- Increase efficiency remarkably, constant, even and foreseeable magnetism, allow to change workpiece easily and swiftly.
- Waterproofness of permanent magnet table of cnc clamping system is excellent, allow to be used with cutting fluid.
- Magnetic clamp poles are arranged as intensive magnetic patch, can hold workpiece which thickness more than 2mm, strongly for milling process.
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