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Development of Permanent Magnetic Materials 2

Developing so far, the magnetic energy product has exceeded 40MG • Oe, remanence of 10000 ~ 13000Gs, coercivity is generally more than 10000Oe. This material replaces the strategic material with cheap iron,  replace the samarium with several times reserves as much as the rare earth element of samarium, so its manufacturing costs and prices have fallen significantly and are rapidly being used in various industries. This kind of cheap and excellent performance of the permanent magnet material, making the application of permanent magnetic materials more widely.


The electro permanent magnetic chuck which is made by rare earth is not only small volume and light, but saves energy. The rare earth permanent magnet is widely used in workholding tools to realize the miniaturization of the magnetic workholding tools. Rare earth permanent magnet has now been widely used in high-tech fields and civilian technology, is a modern science and technology essential new materials. The next 10 years, the domestic NdFeB industry will be further developed. As China has rich rare earth resources, low labor costs and big market, NdFeB manufacturing industry will gradually move to China from aboard, so that China will become the world's NdFeB magnets manufacturing center.




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