EPM Milling Chuck For Clamping of 3-Axis Standard CNC Machining Center

Milling Magnets

Milling Magnets
EPM Milling Chuck For Clamping of 3-Axis Standard CNC Machining Center
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Electro permanent magnetic chuck is the clamping tool for milling process in 3-Axis Standard CNC Machining Center, and apply the modern magnetic circuit design. Use electrical power pulse to control the generation and disappearance of magnetic force. Electro permanent magnetic chuck is become permanent magnet when the instant power on. Can clamp workpiece for positioning machining without power, Power on reverse current, do demagnetization and workpiece can be unloaded.
♦ Individual square magnetic pole is 50 * 50 mm
♦ Magnetic workholding clamp force of each pole exceeds 690 kg
♦ The electropermanent magnetic milling chuck adapts permanent magnet technology to prevent thermal deformation. It is made of monolithic steel and has good rigidity
♦ The magnets for milling offers extremely high holding forcess for milling applications with very high machining parameters.It is especially suited for the deformation-free clamping in general milling applications in 3-Axis Standard CNC Machining Center.
Basic parameters
Dimension: 540mm * 800mm * 69mm
Operating voltage: AC 380V, 
Working instantaneous current: 6A
(de)magnetization time: 2 seconds
Holding force: 16kg / cm2
Weight: about 220 kg
Parallelism: 0.01mm
Pole number:48
Working temperature: less than 50 ℃
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