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Electro permanent magnetic chuck grantees safety

In machinery industry, the machine tool is the equipment to solve the relative movement of the tool and the workpiece, It needs clamping tools to fix workpiece. At present the development of fixture can be advancing with the times, all kinds of new work holding tools continue to emerge, such as the hole positioning, fast positioning, gas and liquid matching positioning, as well as analog clamping technology , But according to years of our experience in mechanical machining, and at present the best machine clamping is electro permanent magnet clamping. Electro permanent magnet clamping, also known as electro permanent magnetic chuck, its firm and stable holding force grantees the safety.


We all know that in milling, drilling, boring, grinding and other processes of big plate workpiece, the holding problem is generally not easy to solve, if it is thick castings, can be installed craft feet, press the screw plate in the craft feet. What about the thinner parts? Often need to clamp for many times, so the positioning is not accurate and result in processing errors, while clamping is also quite inconvenient. Moreover, use the common clamping tools, it cost a lot of time to clamp each time, work efficiency is too low. The electro permanent magnetic chuck is the excellent to solve all of the problems which the common clamping tools have.

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