Electro-permanent Magnetic Milling Chuck

Electro Permanent Magnetic Chucks

Electro Permanent Magnetic Chucks
Electro-permanent Magnetic Milling Chuck
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              cnc milling magnetic chuck


Electro permanent magnetic chuck is the best magnetic clamping tool for milling machine and CNC at present, which use electro pulse to “open and close”. It is very safe and reliable when workpiece is attracted by magnetic plate in process. After attract workpiece by magnetism, the magnetic table holds the magnetism permanently. “Open and close” time is less than 1 second, electric pulse consume few energy, the magnetic plate is free thermal deformation.

permanent magnetic chuck for die casting dies



1 As the workpieces can be placed flat onto the magnetic milling chucks, all sides of the workpiece can be easily accessed. The permanent magnetic clamping force is evenly applied across the whole work piece, Thereby minimizing vibrations effectively.


2 Save 50%-90% handing process time, improve the working efficiency of labor and machine tool, lower labor work intensity.


3 Not required to change machine tool or production line, as the workpiece is stressed evenly, work piece won’t transform, no shaking in process. Extend working life of cutting tools.


CNC milling chuck

4 The magnetic chuck is applicable to clamp various components under heavy or high-speed milling in horizontal and vertical type, is also applicable to curving, irregular, difficult clamping, batch and particular workpieces. It is applicable to rough and finish machining.


5 Constant clamping force, not require electricity when it is in clamp status, no radiation of magnetic line, no heating phenomenon.


cnc milling center clamping



- Electro permanent magnetic chuck is applicable to various high precision CNC, CNC milling machine and etc.


- Clamp various kinds of workpieces. Distinctive magnetic circuit, reasonable parameters, attraction evenly. Strip, block and deformed pole


electro permanent magnetic chuck

- Electropermanent magnetic milling chuck is milled integrally, powerful rigidity, no thermal deformation, high precision. Easy to operate, won’t lose excitation after power cut, safe and reliable


- Based on customers’ requirement, supply various milling and cnc magnetic chuck products of special performance and dimension




magnetic milling chuck models





magnetic chuck in milling

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