Electropermanent Magnetic Chuck for Milling and CNC Workholding

Milling Magnets

Milling Magnets
Electropermanent Magnetic Chuck for Milling and CNC Workholding
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Electropermanent magnetic chuck for milling is the new magnetic clamp device which adopts the latest rare earth permanent magnet materials, and apply the modern magnetic circuit design. It is also a CNC workholding solution. Use electrical power pulse to control the generation and disappearance of magnetic force. Electro permanent magnetic chuck is become permanent magnet when the instant power on. Can clamp workpiece for positioning machining without power, Power on reverse current, do demagnetization and workpiece can be unloaded.
● The magnetic chuck is easy to operate like "electromagnetic plate", and has the safe high-precision same to "permanent magnetic chuck". It is the ideal clamping tool for high precision surface grinding machine, CNC, milling machine and so on. The holding force can reach 160N / cm2.
● Electro permanent magnetic chuck for milling magnetize/demagnetize in 2 seconds, No need of continuous power supply in use, can be worked for a long time, the workpiece accuracy won’t be affected by the deformation due to temperature rise.
● Shorten the workpiece clamping time thoroughly. The clamping area can cover the full machining range evenly, and can machining several work pieces at the same time to improve the efficiency.
● Electro permanent magnetic chuck works with magnetic soft pawl, machining is unimpeded. improved the efficiency greatly and reduce the repeated positioning tolerance of accuracy.
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