Standard Electromagnetic Plate

Electromagnetic Plate

Electromagnetic Plate
Standard Electromagnetic Plate
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Electromagnetic plate always supports the use of various surface grinder and facing machine. The chuck holding force is strong, safe and reliable for using, and very convenient to position magnetic workpieces which are not suitable to clamp by machinery. The electromagnetic plate connects with direct current supply. The material of the magnetic isolation is brass, The magnetic force can reach to 120N/CM2. The electromagnetic plate  is used in workpieces which require to be processed by strong attraction facing machine. It is most effective to heavy cut of forming machine, facing machine, facing type milling machine. The EMA, EMB series of the standard electromagnetic plate for surface grinder is the perfect choice for improving production efficiency and reducing working intensity of labors.
1 Few mechanical and thermal deformation.

2 Fine pole divisions - for more uniform magnetic holding of small parts

3 Low height of the magnetic chuck for increasing clearance of larger workpieces, and makes it light and much grinding space.

4 Supplied with (2) hold down clamps
5 Special flatness and parallelism tolerances are available on request.
6 Good stabilization, powerful attraction and few remanence.
7 Powerful holding over entire electromagnetic plate surface.
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   electromagnetic plate
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