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The Advantages of Permanent Magnetic Chuck

magnetic milling chuck


Compare to traditional clamping, the prominent advantage of magnetic workholding is fast and easy to operate. The permanent magnetic chuck can be operated by hand, the electromagnetic chuck and electro permanent type are required to press button only, even can be connected with PLC, realize automatic operation

Foreseeable magnetic force of strong permanent magnetic plate can reach to 16 kg/cm² or more, even the commen magnetic table can reach to 10 kg/cm². Very powerful, make sure the workpiece to be clamped firmly, no damage caused by sliding. And the magnetic force is constant, excellent security safety performance.

Barrier-free clamping for workpieces. it is available to machine all the sides of workpicece except the contact side with chuck. assist by the magnetic flexible or unflexible blocks, workpiece can be machined by 5 sides, CNC 5 axles dynamic indexing device, guarantee the machining precision.

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