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What Kind of Electromagnetic Plate Is A Good Surface Grind Chuck

Good electromagnetic plate has enough holding force to ensure clamping firmly (weike grinding chuck produces holding force which is not less than 685kgf)

The magnetic force line of electromagnetic chuck is control to be concentrated, so that the force is strong, and the thickness of magnetic penetration of the contact surface is thin ( Weike electromagnetic table to ensure that within 15mm), so it won’t affect the chip removal of grinding process, Also won’t do magnetization to cutting tools and main axles to damage the machine tool.

Weike's electromagnetic technology to introduce the world's leading European technology, the failure rate is very low, the controller compact and convenient, simple and quick operation, and other domestic technology is completely immature, often happens the magnetize incompletely, magnetize partially, and control Box happens fault frequently.

Weike engineers have10 years development experience of research, most domestic brands still exist magnetic force uneven distribution in the contact surface of electromagnetic chuck, and even the phenomenon of whole plate is not a magnetic neutral, loss a lot of magnetic force, and in the moment of clamping due to magnetic distribution Uneven, easily lead to workpiece offset. 

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